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These pages are offered to inspire older teenagers, students in FE and HE and adults in continuing education. They are also provide information to help teachers prepare for a visit to the Chinese Printmaking Today exhibition or to deliver an activity about The Book from the Sky, to support a Thinking Skills session or a critical study in Art & Design.

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The Ideogram Namer

Character from The Book From the Sky, Xu Bing Create your own names for the invented characters in Xu Bing's Book from the Sky and see what the most popular suggestions have been...

The Book From the Sky Dialogues

Character from The Book From the Sky, Xu Bing Sophie Weeks and Bridget McKenzie of British Library Education discuss complex questions around Xu Bing's work. Read and join in:
Words and Meanings
The status of art and writing
Art for healing the self and the world

Resources and Activities

Character from The Book From the Sky, Xu Bing Want to find out how to use the Book from the Sky dialogues? Look at our teachers' notes to find out more, or look at our page of suggested activities to find out more. If you want to investigate further, you can check out our list of web links and resources


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