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Travel back 400 years in time with the British Library’s exhibition “Trading Places- the East India Company and Asia” and discover how the first Asians came to Britain.

Today, many of the commodities we enjoy are a direct result of the activities of one company – the East India Company. Founded by a charter from Queen Elizabeth I in 1600 it grew from a loose association of intrepid Elizabethan tradesmen into the “grandest society of merchants in the universe”.

“Trading Places – the East India Company and Asia” tells a remarkable story. It follows the rise and fall of the Company over 200 years – from its beginnings in London and its first trading post on Asian soil to its expansion into India, China, Indonesia, Japan and Persia until the eventual loss of its trading monopoly in 1834.

But this is not merely a history of the past. The East India Company has left a lasting impression on life in both Britain and Asia and its legacy is a story of today.


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Exhibition at the British Library, St. Pancras


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