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Further reading
As well as the titles listed in our Books pages


The Trading world of Asia and the East India Company 1660-1760 by Kirti N Chaudhuri.
Cambridge University Press 1978
A masterpiece of economic analysis

Trade and civilisation in the Indian Ocean: an economic history from the rise of Islam to 1750 by Kirti N Chaudhuri
Cambridge University Press 1985
Offers a wide-ranging vision of the world the Europeans entered.

East Indian fortunes: the British in Bengal in the eighteenth century by Peter J Marshall
Oxford Clarendon Press 1976
Essential reading for understanding the impact of the new money.

Asia in the making of Europe by Donald F Lach and Edwin J Van Kley
Chicago and London; University of Chicago Press. In 9 volumes 1965-1993



British Library resources Information about the collections of the East India Company archive and more suggestions for further reading Includes resources for Family History research. You can pay for copies of birth certificates and other documents through the Ecclesiastical Search Service The British Library's Living Words site for schools - includes resources and an interactive Trading Places game

Take a course at Fathom. The British Library's online learning partner, Fathom, has created a seminar around the exhibition. Taught by the curator of the exhibition, Anthony Farrington, the seminar is free and gives an illustrated account of the history of the East India Company.

Other web resources Sponsor’s website – for more information about their values and business Media Sponsor’s website – for news and views Site of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Contains many items which originally formed part of the East India Company Museum collection Site of the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, includes information about vessels, trading and all things to do with the sea. Has many Asian collections which include trade goods (textiles, porcelain etc) brought to Europe Houses the Clive Museum of items brought back from India by Robert Clive Site of the current UK plc with information about the history plus products and services For information about the company, spices and Indian food For information about the company, the history of tea, current gossip and today’s product range.

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