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Interactive mapping on the web

The interactive mapping tools below have functions normally associated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allowing custom-creation of maps. See links to scanned collections for static maps online.

Thematic mapping 

UK central government GIS

This mapping tool displays UK electoral boundaries (wards, counties, etc.) and data on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps.

Neighbourhood Statistics

A service of the Office for National Statistics, this tool maps a variety of UK demographic data and statistics.

Land classification data (originally 1:10,000) and environmental schemes are mappable for the whole of England.

BioDiversity and WorldMap
Data indicating biodiversity mapped. From the Biogeography and Conservation Lab at the Natural History Museum.

Britain Beneath our Feet
An online atlas from the British Geological Survey, including themes of: surface geology, hydrogreology, hazards, resources, and offshore and coastal data.

London Air Quality Network
Maps of air pollution level monitoring, showing the latest hourly readings for the London area, as well as an archive of annual statistics. Also includes 3D Map of Air Pollution in London (, wherein pollution information from 2003 may be overlaid on aerial photographs of London and 3-D models for some parts of the city.

London Road Traffic Noise Map
As part of the Noise Mapping England project to establish environmental noise climate, Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has created this to show calculated levels of road traffic noise in Greater London.

UK Local government GIS

Many local governments are using interactive maps to convey information to their citizenry. These online GIS tools provide data associated with civic themes such as education, transportation, and the countryside/ environment, as well as often historic maps and air photos. Below are a select few that are particularly well-developed.

Adur District Council: Adur District Council Online

Cambridgeshire County Council: Cambridgeshire Atlas (interactive maps)

Carmarthenshire County: Countywide RSTP Projects Map

Cornwall County Council: Interactive Mapping Website

Dorset County Council: 
County GIS, including raster OS mapping, digital terrain model, aerial photography, Census boundaries, rights-of way, Council services and more.

Durham County
OS historical and modern mapping and 2001 aerial photos of the county, as well as extensive community information, is in DCC GIS; the character and strategy for landscape types and areas is viewable in Landscape GIS.

Gloucestershire County Council: Mineral and Waste interactive mapping system  and Public Right of Way Map online. Both use contemporary small, medium and large scale (OS MasterMap) mapping.

Hampshire County Council: Rights of Way maps
Footpaths, bridleways, restricted and public byways on contemporary OS mapping, with the largest scale at 1:5K.

Lancashire County: MARIO (Maps and Related Information Online)

Nottingham City Council: Nottinghamshire Insight Mapping

Shropshire County Council: ShropMap
A number of civially-themed data, including Census and transport, mapped on small medium and large scale (OS MasterMap) OS mapping.

Surrey County: Surrey Interactive Map
A superb, fully developed online GIS. Small and large scale (OS MasterMap) OS and A-Z mapping are further augmented with aerial photos and 2001 Census data.

East Sussex County Council: Schools in East Sussex
Schools and district boundaries only.

West Sussex County Council: Interactive Map (iMap)
Small and medium scale OS base mapping with public rights of way and tourist information

Wales Local Government Data Unit: InfoBaseCymru 
Display - either on a table or map - statistics on a range of themes including people, economy, education, health, housing and crime.

Wiltshire Council South Area Geographical Information System
Online GIS displaying Planning Applications, Building Control Applications, Conservation features, and more.

Street mapping  

Great Britain Street & Road Map
Large scale maps of Great Britain, plus aerial photographs for some areas.

Google Maps
Seamless fully generalisable vector map coverage of the UK. Click here for US and Canada. Direction, distance measuring, and satellite imagery.

Route planning and street maps for UK and Europe

UK and European mapping with fast animated interface and route-planning

Customize features of city maps worldwide; with special emphasis on Europe and North America

Same features as the others, with fairly good global coverage.

Topographic mapping  

Austrian Map Online
1:50,000 topographic maps of Austria

Topographic mapping down to 1:25,000 and street mapping of Switzerland.

The National Map
The U.S. Geological Survey's new online map of the USA, offering access to numerous types of geospatial data.