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Argentina: Intellectual Property Documentation

The following is a detailed list of the Argentinian intellectual property documentation held within the British Library IP collection.

Material on this list may only be available in Spanish. We cannot translate items for you.

Intellectual Property stock locations

IP Open Access: Always available in the Business & IP Centre

IP Reserve South: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in typically 1-3 hours

IP Reserve North: In secure storage, can be delivered to the Centre in 48+ hours. If a nine-digit number is shown under "location", these can be ordered for use in the Centre by registered readers through Explore the British Library. Please type the number into the Explore search box to rapidly retrieve the record.

IP Reserve Material cannot be ordered for same-day delivery after 16:00. Sometimes the service may not be available all day on Saturday due to staffing. Some Reserve Material may not be available at times due to stock movements. Please contact us before your visit to check.


Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial


Patent Specifications

None held   

Patent Databases

Base de Datos Patentes1990s - to dateOnline

Indexes and Abstracts

Patentes de Invención (official journal with abstracts)1954 - 1955, 1966 - 1981PaperIP Reserve South
Patentes de Invención (official journal with abstracts and annual name and classified indexes)1923 - 1943PaperIP Reserve South
Patentes y Marcas (annual collection of abstracts with name index and classified index, also including trade marks.  Until 1907 indexes are published in separate volume on larger paper, with additional trade mark name index)1900 - 1952PaperIP Reserve South
Monitor de Sociedades Anónimas (unofficial business and legal journal including some patent abstracts, subject index to each volume)1909 - 1922PaperIP Reserve South
Patentes de Invención (abstracts, name index and classified index)1908 - 1911PaperIP Reserve South
Revista Industrial (unofficial journal with patent abstracts and trade marks)1901 - 1903PaperIP Reserve South
Patentes de Invención (annual report, descriptions and figures of patents)1868 - 1875PaperIP Reserve South
Patents Class Lists and Indexes (full classification schedule, classified index and name index)1866 - 1900PaperIP Reserve South

Official Journals

Boletin Oficial (patent and trade mark extracts)1906 - 1913PaperIP Reserve South

Legal Decisions

Sección Legislación y Jurisprudencia1966 - 1975PaperIP Reserve South

Miscellaneous Patent Publications

Dirección de Patentes y Marcas (annual report)1925 - 1926PaperIP Reserve South
Patent Lists1889 - 1892PaperIP Reserve South

Trade Marks

Trade Mark DatabaseCurrentOnline
Boletín de Marcaslast two yearsOnline
Marcas de Fábrica Comercio y Agricultura1966 - 1981PaperIP Reserve South
Marcas de Fábrica y Comercio Index (by broad subject then alphabetically by mark)1876 - 1894PaperIP Reserve South


Design DatabaseCurrentOnline
Modelos y Diseños Industriales1966 - 1981PaperIP Reserve South